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Dentists gearing up for new normal of wearing full protective gear amid COVID-19

'There's no opportunity for social distancing in dentistry,' says Dr. Peter Nkansah WATCH THE CBC VIDEO Dr. Peter Nkansah, a Toronto dentist and anesthesiologist, gets fit tested for an N95 respirator at Act First Safety in Scarborough. (Paul Borkwood/CBC News) Dr. Peter Nkansah, a Toronto dentist and anesthesiologist, isn't sure when his clinic will reopen for non-urgent dentistry. When…
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Fundamental importance of personal connection

Of late, I am often reminded of the fundamental importance of personal connection. The world seems both more virtually linked than ever before and yet, feels still so divisive. Change, innovation, resilience, adaptation, disruption: these words point to where we must go to create a society equal for all, and that allows for truly meaningful…
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Insider Knowledge: The lowdown on mouthguards

This is how the discussion usually goes whenever NHL team dentists hold one of their formal meetings, such as the one in Nashville at the All-Star Game: a little dental humour (“Randy Mol-ar is still my favorite player of all time”) followed by the presentation of the Bobby Clarke Award for beauty dental work. Ha—gotcha.…
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